IASSolution UPSC Prelims Test Series 2020 Timetable cum Study Plan

Subscription of IASSolution Prelims Test Series 2020 is now open

  • IASSolution Prelims Test Series 2020 Package and other add on Packages are valid until the date UPSC Prelims 2020 which will be rescheduled shortly due to Corona Virus Pandemic.
  • Subscribers of Prelims Test Series 2020 can attend the exam any time before Prelims 2020.
  • After subscription, you will get automatic access to already uploaded mock exams and upcoming mock tests until the date Prelims 2020 irrespective of the date of enrolment.


IASSolution Test Series Unique Features

  • Immediate access to uploaded mock tests and upcoming mock test
  • Monthly Current Affairs Mock Test
  • NCERT+Standards Books based Comprehensive Mock  Tests
  • Subject-based Prelims Mock Tests
  • Economic Survey and Budget based Mock Test(s)
  • UPSC Prelims Previous Papers Retake Tests as a separate package
  • UPSC Prelims CSAT Mock Tests – Everything
  • Access to all additional mock tests for UPSC Prelims 2020 for free of cost.
  • At any time, you can attend the mock exam when you desire before the 31st May of June 2020. (Prelims Exam date)

Download IASSolution UPSC Prelims Test Series 2020 Time Table as PDF

Download link: IASSolution UPSC Prelims Test Series Time Table 2020 PDF for daily reference

Take Exams at any time You desire!

Our Team uploads the tests as per the schedule but after the test date, aspirants can take the test any time if they desire to attend the mocks.

For instance, we uploaded  NCERT Polity(101-PT) on June 30, 2019 then aspirants can attempt the test at any time on or after 25th July. Aspirants have the freedom to attend these test(s)  till the exam date of UPSC Prelims( 31st May, 2020).

After the attempt of every individual test, you can analyze your performance.  Performance overview is an area where you can analyze your performance. Here you can find detailed analyses of your marks and all India Ranks.

IASSolution Prelims Test Series – Everything under one roof!

Well Planned TimeTable, Monthly Current Affairs Mock Tests, CSAT Mock Tests, GS Full Topics Mock Tests are included in our flagship service UPSC Prelims Test Series 2020 Package which is best is in terms of standard and ROI as well. What you are waiting for!